Our aim is to grow a sustainable legacy for Oxfordshire. TOE2 aims to be the key independent environmental funder for Oxfordshire.


It’s not easy to give funding away effectively. Ensuring that funds are used successfully and make a real difference for communities is something TOE2 does well. TOE2 has a robust application procedure involving project visits, scrutiny by independent experts and grant panel discussion.


TOE2 has two key ways of working:

TOE2 is both a grant seeking and a grant making organisation. We work closely with other key environmental organisations in Oxfordshire to ensure that both national and county priorities are delivered at the community level.

TOE2 works with partners to develop and fund programmes to address environmental issues and needs.

Main Grant Fund –

We welcome project applications to our main grant fund from groups and organisations across the county; applications are considered four times a year.

Developing Partnership Programmes –
TOE2’s Guiding Principles –

Four main principles guide TOE2’s organisation and operation; these are concerned with effective working, value for funders, support for projects and programmes, and building good relationships.

  • 1. Effective working +

    Strong, transparent management procedures;

    Restraining costs by attracting expert volunteer contributors

    Setting targets and monitoring resources and project delivery

    Strategic planning and risk analysis

    Good use of IT: online applications, guidance, communications


  • 2. Supporting good projects and programmes +

    Developing programmes and identifying projects with community groups.

    Providing guidance, ensuring rigorous examination of proposals and control of costs;

    Seeking multiple benefits to be derived;

    Enabling local groups to seek and obtain funding from a local, in-county source in a fair and equitable manner.

  • 3. Ensuring value for funders +

    Providing good communication on funded work, restraining costs, rigorously evaluating proposals and monitoring outcomes.

    Linking funding to donors’ objectives.

  • 4. Successful relationships +

    Maintaining good links with other environmental bodies, working with them in partnership and sharing resources where possible.

    Enabling the public to engage with the environment

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How we work

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